What is the process for joining a Community Scheme?

1. Register your interest:

Call 0115 985 3000, or

Apply online at warmhomeshub.com/apply, or

Visit our Roadshows.

2. After at least 50% of your street expresses interest, Cadent will:

  • connect your street to gas,
  • make the individual connection to your property and
  • fit a gas meter box.  

When finished, you can give us a call and we will help you to choose an energy supplier. If you are not currently interested in having 1st time central heating or do not qualify for it through our scheme, you can leave the gas capped off.

3. We will check your eligibility for the free 1st time central heating. If you qualify, E.ON will survey your home, explain and agree where the location of the new boiler and radiators. You will also need to sign T&Cs and decide on the position of your gas meter at this stage. 4. E.ON will return to your property and fit your new central heating system which includes an A rated gas combi boiler and radiators. They will show you how to use the new system, and the heating controls.


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