Is there any other help available if I do not fulfil the HHCRO eligibility criteria?

NEP currently runs two separate schemes as a complement to the HHCRO Boiler Replacement Scheme; the Boiler Health Check, where you can book in a free or subsidised service of your boiler, and the Boiler Scrappage Scheme where you can receive a £400 voucher when replacing your boiler. Both of these schemes are subject to survey, availability and eligibility.

There is also help available through a Health through Warmth scheme. To qualify for that scheme you need to be a homeowner with a long-term health condition made worse by living in a cold home and your heating has to be broken. Your income has to be less than £26,000 if you’re a single household or £32,000 if you are a couple household. Any savings in the bank need to be less than £8,000.


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