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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can get a warmer home in 3 easy steps. Please note that scheme usually takes between 6-8 weeks to reach the installation stage. 

  1. Application and eligibility check: Application to the scheme can be completed online or by phone 0115 985 3000 .  If you are eligible your details will be referred to E.ON. Online applications will be followed by a phone call within 48 hours to complete the full assessment and gain your consent to proceed.
  2. Home Survey: The survey is completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer and takes approximately 1.5 hours.
  3. Installation: An A’ rated boiler will be installed along with a radiator in every habitable room e.g., bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, kitchen. The install will be completed in just 1 day by E.ONs’ team of heating engineers. The engineers are Gas Safe registered. The boiler comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer and a 1 year works warranty from E.ON.

No, we are only able to install a central heating system where if there is not currently one installed in your home. Help might be available to you through other schemes – see the question ‘Is there any other help available if I do not fulfil the HHCRO eligibility criteria?’

Yes you can if you are eligible. Call us on 0115 985 3000 or apply online so that we can make arrangements for your home survey.

Yes, households heated by solid fuel fire, electric storage heater, electric panel heaters, gas room heaters or a gas fire are encouraged to apply so that we can check your eligibility for a free 1st time gas central heating system.

The Government plans to phase out gas boilers in new build homes, because it is easier to accommodate other forms of heating at the point of construction. However, in the retrofit market (that is, existing housing stock) where this is more difficult, switching to gas central heating is a relatively simple and effective way to have a positive impact on both energy bills and the energy efficiency rating of your property (contractors on the project only install A-rated Worcester Bosch boilers). Where possible, they will also insulate homes to maximize the benefit of switching to gas central heating. As an example, in one real world case, the scheme was able to improve an EPC E rated property to a C rated property. This reduced their £1,099 annual energy bill to £542 (saving them around £600 per year) and resulted in a carbon emissions reduction from approximately 3.1 tonnes down to 1.9 tonnes of CO2 per year (that’s a reduction of about 40%).

We realise that installing gas central heating does not immediately appear to align with our goals to reduce emissions, but we must also consider the effects of fuel poverty on the vulnerable members of our society, and identify ways in which people can live safe, healthy lives. The recent Green Homes Grant scheme also aims to help homes reduce their carbon footprint, but the cost to the average home owner may still be too high for them to benefit or be able to afford the cost of the work. The Warm Homes Hub scheme potentially offers fully funded heating for those who meet the eligibility criteria and so it remains an important alternative for many households.  

We will require access to your home to complete the home survey and install your heating system. The home survey will be up to 2 hours to complete and you will be advised if any furniture needs to be moved prior to the install. The install will be completed within a day unless there are additional complications. We will advise you of this beforehand. The gas connection and meter install will be done outside the property.

This gas meter is installed before the central heating so you will need to choose a gas supplier. Residents that choose E.ON will have the meter install and managed by them. If you choose another supplier you will need to inform us of the planned meter install date so we can coordinate the install of the central heating to limit the days you pay a standing charge without being able to benefit from the supply of gas for your heating system.

No. The gas connection is made with limited disturbance to the outside of your home and any holes dug will be replaced and made good. The central heating install will require pipes to installed in your home and may require carpets to be lifted. This will be discussed at the survey.

See the photographs below from Staffordshire Warmer Homes, another Warm Homes Fund scheme based in Staffordshire, which shows the property and surrounding area during and after the works took place.


New A-rated boilers have rated efficiencies of 90 per cent or more meaning that they use less fuel, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and running costs. If you currently have a G-rated boiler and replace it with an A-rated one, your household heating bill should drop by about a quarter – a saving, on average, of around £260 up to £300 a year.

See photographs of completed works from Staffordshire Warmer Homes, another Warm Homes Fund scheme based in Staffordshire.

Gas is cheaper than electricity or oil and has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions apart from wood. Your new central heating system will include an A’ rated boiler, thermostatic radiator valves to better control your heat for each room, as well as a programmer to help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat.


If you are unable to afford a repair of your heating, we may be able to help you through the Warm Homes Hub Crisis Support. Call us on 0115 985 3000 and a member of our team will go through the eligibility criteria with you.

Alternatively, we can check your eligibility for our boiler replacement scheme. Depending on your circumstances you may be qualify for a free boiler or you may need to contribute towards the cost. See “Is there any other help available if I do not fulfil the HHCRO eligibility criteria?” for more information.


You cannot apply for a new central heating system. Warm Homes Hub Crisis Support may be able to help you if you are unable to afford a repair, or offer a short term loan of heaters.

Alternatively, you can apply for a boiler upgrade. See “Is there any other help available if I do not fulfil the HHCRO eligibility criteria?” for more information.

These services are subject to survey, availability and eligibility.



We can connect your home to the gas mains however this type of heating means that you will not qualify for 1st time central heating.


Nottingham City & Nottinghamshire households can benefit from the Warm Homes Hub scheme by being connected to the gas network for FREE. Additionally, through the scheme, eligible residents can also benefit from the 1st time central heating and/or insulation measures.

Please note that in order to progress, we would need 50% of your street to register their interest in a gas connection.


If at least 50% of residents on your street register their interest, we will be able to connect you to gas for free. The works are free as they are funded jointly between the Warm Homes Fund and E.ON.

If you would also like to benefit from our offer of free 1st time central heating and/or insulation, we will have to check whether you fit our eligibility criteria.

Only Private Landlords are required to pay a contribution of just £500 towards the install. Get in touch to receive the Landlord Information pack.


1. Register your interest:

Call 0115 985 3000, or

Apply online at, or

Visit our Roadshows.

2. After at least 50% of your street expresses interest, Cadent will:

  • connect your street to gas,
  • make the individual connection to your property and
  • fit a gas meter box.  

When finished, you can give us a call and we will help you to choose an energy supplier. If you are not currently interested in having 1st time central heating or do not qualify for it through our scheme, you can leave the gas capped off.

3. We will check your eligibility for the free 1st time central heating. If you qualify, E.ON will survey your home, explain and agree where the location of the new boiler and radiators. You will also need to sign T&Cs and decide on the position of your gas meter at this stage. 4. E.ON will return to your property and fit your new central heating system which includes an A rated gas combi boiler and radiators. They will show you how to use the new system, and the heating controls.


Extending the gas main is complicated and expensive work. To ensure we can do this for free we need to be able to demonstrate a high number of property connections. We encourage you to speak with your neighbours and apply together.


No, Cadent will work in phases, starting in one area and working around the Estate in order to minimize disruption to your community.



Any team member you come in contact with during the install will maintain social distancing rules while wearing appropriate PPE. If they are suspected to have contracted the virus, you will be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace program. No work will be carried out inside your home until you are comfortable for it to take place.



The central heating system is FREE if you meet our eligibility criteria so you will not have to pay anything. The good news is that gas heating is a cost effective way to heat your home that should save you money on your monthly bills of up to £350 per annum. There is no obligation to proceed if you change your mind.

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To qualify for FREE Central Heating from the Warm Homes Hub you must meet the following criteria

1. You are a homeowner, rent from a private landlord or rent from a social landlord* AND
2. Your home does not have, and never has had a central heating system (For example, if you have a solid fuel fire, electric storage heater, electric panel heaters, gas room heaters or a gas fire you may qualify as they do not count as central heating systems.) AND
3. You are in receipt of certain benefits OR you are on a low income. (For a full list of qualifying benefits and the income table, call us on 0115 985 3000)
You can check if you qualify by calling** 0115 985 3000 or applying online.

* If you are a renting from a social landlord, your property must have an EPC of E, F or G in order for you to qualify. Check the EPC or your property here.

**Before you call, please make sure you have the relevant information to hand. 

You do not have to be an E.ON customer to apply, nor will you have to become and E.ON customer when you have received your heating upgrade. E.ON will also support you to connect you to the gas network if your property requires this. When you receive your gas meter you choose which energy supplier you want to use.

If you own your home or you are privately renting, you may be eligible if you are on a low income or in receipt of certain welfare benefits.

If you are a social tenant, you may be eligible if you are on a low income or in recepit of certain welfare benefits AND if your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F or G. Click on the EPC Register to check your EPC.

Yes, you can apply if you are a private or social landlord.  You can call the Hub on the dedicated line 0115 985 3000, or we can make the referral for you.  Alternatively, you can fill in our online application form for landlords. Although this offer is heavily subsidised for Landlords, we will need you to contribute just £500 towards the costs. The install will not be able to take place without your permission, but we will need to speak with your tenants to ensure they meet eligibility criteria.

Neither you or your tenant need to be an E.ON customer to apply for this offer.

Yes, you can apply if your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F or G and your home does not have central heating or is heated by solid fuel fire, electric storage heater, electric panel heaters, gas room heaters or a gas fire. Click on the EPC Register to check your EPC.

Yes, but we will need to obtain written approval from your landlord. Your landlord will be required to make a payment of £500 towards the cost of the install of the central heating system.

Yes you can apply. We will check your eligibility and also if your home is connected to or is in close proximity to the mains gas network.


Get in touch, as we may be able to connect you & your street to the gas mains through the Warm Homes Hub Community Scheme. Read more about what the Community Scheme is, what the cost is of connecting your street to gas and why 50% of the street will have to register their interest.



Free loft and cavity wall insulation is available through the scheme if you meet the eligibility criteria.



NEP currently runs two separate schemes as a complement to the HHCRO Boiler Replacement Scheme; the Boiler Health Check, where you can book in a free or subsidised service of your boiler, and the Boiler Scrappage Scheme where you can receive a £400 voucher when replacing your boiler. Both of these schemes are subject to survey, availability and eligibility.

There is also help available through a Health through Warmth scheme. To qualify for that scheme you need to be a homeowner with a long-term health condition made worse by living in a cold home and your heating has to be broken. Your income has to be less than £26,000 if you’re a single household or £32,000 if you are a couple household. Any savings in the bank need to be less than £8,000.



The installation can only be completed by one of the Warm Homes Hub heating engineers.

The survey takes approximately 2 hours.

It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to reach the installation stage. If you require a new gas connection then this process can take up to 3 months as we will need to apply to carry out works with the Highways Agency.

E.ONs’ team of heating engineers complete the install. The engineers are Gas Safe registered. All engineers will carry ID badges with them.


You can register your interest online or call on 0115 985 3000 and speak to one of our customer service team. They are all qualified energy advisers who will answer any questions that you have and explain the different services that are available to help you stay warm in your home and not worry about your fuel bills.

Applications can be made online.

The first part of the registration requires us to confirm:

  • That you fulfil the HHCRO Eligibility Criteria.
  • With your eligibility confirmed we will ask a few more questions about the property to complete our client assessment form.

With the above information we refer your details to the energy company.


The support offered by the Warm Homes Hub includes:

  • 1st time central heating (including gas connections)
  • Grants for heating upgrades and emergency heating repairs
  • Advice and assistance with benefit checks and applications
  • Help with home insulation
  • Applying for discounts off energy bills (electricity and water)
  • Help to make your home safe and secure
  • Help and advice to find the best tariff for your energy bills
  • Heater loans
  • Help in the event of a power cut
  • Support to switch energy tariff/provider switching
  • Home energy visits


Warm Homes Hub is a 2 year partnership project. The partners include; Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, the charities Age UK Notts and Nottingham Energy Partnership as well as E.ON Energy Solutions.

Warm Homes Hub Frequently Asked Questions

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